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April 7, 2018


Here are a few suggestions for celebrating National Women’s History Month in your school, place of worship, community or workplace:

  • Download a FREE copy of our 2019 National Women’s History Brochure [PDF] & make as many copies as you need
  • Celebrate the women in your lives by sending a card, a postcard, or special message on social media and let them know how they have inspired you in your life
  • Request a FREE 2019 Women’s History Gazette
  • Check out our teaching resources to encourage students to learn more about Women’s History
  • Suggest that your local newspaper, radio and TV programs honor local women’s history

Order a digital version of the 2019 Women’s History Month Speech & Slideshow to include in your planning, and share it with your your event’s attendees and others

· Shop the NWHA Store for celebration materials and other women’s history educational resources — books, posters, gifts, and more